one to one Personal Training

Personal training is aimed at people who care about the high effectiveness of training and the correct technique of exercises, guaranteeing quick results and safety.
Active lifestyle is my great passion, I devote myself to working with clients with great commitment. My comprehensive knowledge makes sure the trainings are conducted at the highest level based on the latest trends.
What will you gain thanks to personal trainings?

Time – You will see the effects of your training in a short period of time, because you will perform any exercise properly.

Knowledge – The trainer will show you the best route to the goal you want to achieve and will answer your questions about training, diet and supplementation.

Motivation – Your progress will be monitored on a regular basis by the trainer.

Comfort during training – Each training is different from the previous one, thanks to which you will not get bored fast, as well as each time will be stimulated in a different way, muscular, nervous and cardio-respiratory.

Safety – You will train under the supervision of a qualified trainer who will choose training not only for your needs, but above all will take into account your current condition and state of health and will constantly supervise you and correct any mistakes during the training.

Results – improvement in figure, strength, endurance, condition and coordination.


single session

40€/per session

Single PT session in private studio,​

Monthly package

140€/per month

  • 4 personal training sessions in private studio,
  • Health assessment,
  • 1 nutrition consultation,
  • unlimited gym access,
  • FREE parking + 4 free group classes

monthly package

240€/per month

  • 8 personal training sessions in private studio,
  • Health assessment,
  • 1 nutrition consultation,
  • unlimited gym access,
  • FREE parking + 4 free group classes

circuit classes

Deerpark Commercial Centre, Unit 2A, Clonown Road, ATHLONE

What is a circuit training?

Circuit Training is a fantastic workout that’s great for everyone, regardless of fitness level.  It incorporates a variety of exercises at separate stations and you take part in small groups, taking on each exercise at your own pace.  It’s is a great way to help you get in shape, while the friendly nature of the classes means you’re more likely to keep coming back.

To lose weight one must burn more calories and eat fewer calories. Recent research has shown that circuit training is more effective for building strength and burning calories, both during and after the exercise session, when compared to more traditional forms of exercise (such as jogging or cycling).

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group classes
price list

pay as you go – 8.00e – booking required

Monthly packages

Valid 4 weeks!

Pack of 8 classes – 55,00e  – 2 times a week

Pack od 12 classes – 75,00e – 3 times a week

Unlimited Classes – 90,00e – unlimited times a week

Online coaching​

What is the online personal training service?

Having access to online training:

  •  You will have your own account, where you will learn everything about your training plan,
  •  You will have access to training, previous body measurements and many other options
  •  You will be under my constant control – I receive a report every day about your activities, progress, training or failure to implement the recommended training.
  • For each exercise you will receive a video with instructions on how to properly perform them.
  • You will fulfill your dream and gain valuable knowledge, thanks to which you will change your life for the better!

Take advantage of the online training program
Online program includes:

✓  Customized workout plan

✓ Workout calendar

✓ Food log

✓ Mobile access

✓ Phone/online support

✓ Exercise video library

✓ 4 weeks training review


4 weeks online choaching – 30.00e
8 weeks online choaching – 50.00e
12 weeks online choaching – 70.00e

Contact info

Personal Trainer – Karolina Malecka

Just Get Fit with Karolina


phone: +353 87 295 4367 

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